Health and wellness tailored to you.

State of Slim (SOS) Everybody is a 16-week program encouraging sustainable weight loss through a science-backed dietary approach, personalized guidance and group support. Available only through NCHPAD Connect!

Program Design

Our science-backed program emphasizes sustainable behavior change through weekly group sessions led by certified coaches.

Mindset & Support

We prioritize mindset development with practical exercises to ensure lasting behavioral changes. Personalized guidance and group support from our certified coaches foster accountability and motivation.

Proven Results

Participants typically achieve an average weight loss of 10.47% by the 16th week. You’ll receive a comprehensive wellness kit, equipping you with the necessary tools for success on your health and wellness journey.

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Transformative Programming

SOS Everybody, an adapted version of State of Slim, is 16 weeks long and includes diet phases and exercise guidance. Weekly classes are led by trained coaches through Zoom, and participants receive handouts and wellness materials. The program targets increased weight gain risks in people with physical disabilities and aims to reduce pain, minimize chronic disease risks and improve overall quality of life.

What to Expect

  • Weekly Classes: Join our group sessions led by expert coaches. With up to 20 participants per class, SOS Everybody is a supportive environment for learning and growth.
  • Three-Phase Diet Plan: Forget calorie counting. Our program focuses on portion control for a healthy relationship with food and sustainable eating habits.
  • Move Your Body: Our program features exercise guidelines that fit various fitness levels and schedules, encouraging consistent progress.
  • Wellness Box: Participants get a kit packed with resources and essentials to support their journey to better health, during and after the program.
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