One in four Americans has a disability.

And people with disabilities have significantly less access to adequate health care and wellness resources. By referring patients to NCHPAD Connect, you’re empowering and equipping people with disabilities to greater access to health, wellness and community inclusion – at no cost to them.

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What is NCHPAD Connect?

NCHPAD Connect is our online portal housing a growing community of classes, resources and health promotion programs for people with disability. Everything we do is free, HIPAA-compliant and personalized: our health and wellness experts work with your patients to find the right program to help meet their health goals.

Join us in revolutionizing access to health and wellness for people with disabilities by signing up your patients today.

Why it’s needed

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four Americans has a disability. And people with disabilities have significantly less access to adequate health care and wellness resources. Because of this lack of access – to routine tests, equipment, facilities, transportation and even empathy – people with disabilities are also much more likely to develop secondary conditions, like pain, fatigue, obesity or depression. Adults with disabilities are even three times as likely to have heart disease, stroke, diabetes or cancer.

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NCHPAD Connect tackles these health disparities head-on by providing comprehensive programs and resources specifically designed to support the health and wellness of people with disabilities and help in the prevention of secondary conditions.

What to expect when referring a patient to NCHPAD Connect

Referring a patient is easy. To start, you can either direct your patient to this sign up page, or help them sign up by filling out the online form with them.

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Step one

Your patient (or you and your patient) answers the short questionnaire on our sign up page.

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Step two

A NCHPAD Call Center team member will reach out to them via a phone call to learn more about their specific goals and needs

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Step three

Your patient will be connected to free, personalized health and wellness programs and resources.

We’re grateful for your help in telling your patients about NCHPAD Connect.

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Explore more of NCHPAD Connect

NCHPAD is the premier resource for information on health, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness – and we’re building a nationwide health care to wellness journey for people with disability through NCHPAD Connect.

Our team is ready to answer your questions about NCHPAD Connect.