MENTOR Equipment

MENTOR Wellness Program: Free Inclusive Equipment

MENTOR is our 8-week program focused on physical, mental and emotional health for individuals with a mobility limitation or physical disability.

Our programs and resources are always free, and as part of MENTOR, we also send ALL participants a FREE box of exercise equipment and other wellness goodies.

But you might be wondering what you get – and how it all works. Watch the video below to see the equipment we’re sending to MENTOR participants and learn how the equipment could be used below.


MENTOR Tote Bag- Whether you want to carry around some of your MENTOR equipment, supplies or something else, the MENTOR tote bag has you covered! It has three pockets: a zippered section, an open pocket at the front and a mesh pocket great for holding your MENTOR water bottle.

MENTOR Water Bottle– Stay hydrated during your MENTOR classes with your 24 oz. water bottle. The handle on the lid makes it easy to carry, and the flip cap allows for accessibility to your favorite beverage as you open and close the top.

MENTOR Journal and Pen– Keep track of your wellness journey or track and document your progress with our journal and pen.

Stability Disc– The stability disc is a round cushion filled with air that will be used to help you stretch and train your core and balance. The stability disc is a great tool for practicing muscle and brain coordination.

Sliders– Sliders are round disks that have one smooth side and one side with cushioned foam. You’ll put your hands or feet on the foam part in certain mobility and strength exercises.

TheraBands– These bands are like large rubber bands with different levels of resistance based on the color of the band. There are five different levels of resistance, starting at very low (green) and going up to very heavy (black). As you move through the program, you’ll progress to higher levels of resistance!

Wrist Weights– These Velcro wrist weights will help you get stronger through specific exercises our experts will guide you through.

Racquetballs– Hand-eye coordination and dexterity can be hard to practice without the right tools. Throughout your exercise sessions, you’ll bounce your racquetballs against the wall or on the ground to turn some exercises into a game!

Yoga Ball– Once your yoga ball is inflated, you can use it to help build your balance, core strength and even work on flexibility.

Resistance Bands with Handles– These bands can be anchored to a doorway to add another option to resistance training and strength building different from TheraBands.

MENTOR Yoga Block– Our MENTOR Yoga Block is made of a comfortable foam that can help you during your warm-up or after an exercise session. On the back of the block there are some suggested poses, but there are many other good examples and uses for the yoga block.

MENTOR Yoga Mat- The yoga mat adds some cushion to your exercises. Coming in a mesh zippered bag, the mat is easy to transport and store.

Peddler– Similar to peddles on a bike, the peddler has two stirrups where you can put your feet or hands. As you push the peddle down and around, the digital monitor will show stats like the number of rotations, your total time and calories burned.

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