United Spinal Association logo overlaying an orange background

When did United Spinal start?

We proudly trace our roots to the paralyzed World War II vets who came home to an inaccessible nation and made it their new mission to create a fully inclusive society. This article in our membership magazine New Mobility tells more about our history (Link).

What are your goals or mission?

Our Mission:

Empower and advocate for people with SCI/D and all wheelchair users to achieve their highest quality of life.

 Our Vision:

A world where people with SCI/D and all wheelchair users can realize their full potential and live life at its fullest.

Where are you located?

Although our office is in Kew Gardens, NY, we are almost all completely remote, with coworkers living in every region of the United States.

How many employees do you have?

We have close to 50 employees.

What do you all do?

We work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for wheelchair users, their families, caregivers and clinicians.

Tell us a success story. What would you like us to highlight or share about your organization?

Our organization is truly holistic when it comes to improving the lives of wheelchair users. From our advocacy efforts to improve air travel for wheelchair users to our direct aid for those impacted by natural disasters to the individual lives enriched by being involved in a peer support group, we’re here for our members how and where they need us.

When did United Spinal and NCHPAD start working together? What do you all hope to gain (or for your participants to gain) from this partnership?

I believe this is a new partnership. I look forward to presenting our members with more resources to help them become more active so they live long and healthy lives.

Tell us about your resources. Do you have a current resource campaign you’d like to highlight? What resources have been the most successful or important to you all?

Our Resource Center provides one-on-one service to wheelchair users seeking support on any aspect of life with a mobility disability, from rehab-related advice to help finding housing, personal assistance, and everything else wheelchair users need for a good life.

What are some resources or services you provide that people may not know about?

Our Advocacy Working Groups are wonderful. They provide practical resources in addition to systems change advocacy. Sign up for them here: (Link).