The words "Mass General Brigham Spaulding Rehabilitation Adaptive Sports Centers" overlaying an image of adaptive skiing

What is Spaulding?

Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers (SASC) is a community and clinicalbased adaptive sports program located in the Massachusetts coastal regions. SASC is part of the Mass General Brigham’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. We offer year-round, in-person adaptive sports and virtual adaptive fitness programs to community members as well as inpatients and outpatients within the Spaulding hospitals.

How long has Spaulding worked with NCHPAD?

Spaulding Adaptive Sports has worked with NCHPAD since 2020. We were one of five organizations that piloted the MENTOR program.

What do you all do with NCHPAD?

Spaulding Adaptive Sports recruits participants for MENTOR and has a staff member, Hayley Brown, as one of MENTOR’s health coaches. Hayley recruits and onboards clients and implements programs year-round.

What are some services you provide that people may not know about?

Many people think they can only participate in Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers if they have received care from one of our facilities. However, we are open to anyone in our community. We provide over 20 adaptive sports in three main regions of Massachusetts, including the Boston metro region, Cape Cod and the North Shore region. Our sports vary per season, including water sports in the summer, skiing/snowboarding in the wintertime, and year-round cycling thanks to indoor spin classes.

How are you going above-and-beyond for participants?

At Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers, we are very goal-oriented, which allows us to make each session individualized to the client that participates in our programs. We want to know what each person values and is getting out of the sport/fitness session.   

What are some of your most popular adaptive activities for participants?

  • Summer/fall season: Kayaking, cycling, pickleball, outdoor archery and golf are most popular.
  • Winter/spring season: Skiing/snowboarding, indoor spin classes, adaptive swim, sled hockey and air rifle are our most popular winter programs.
  • Year-round sports/programs: Virtual yoga classes, virtual fitness classes, mountain biking, golf and cycling can be done year-round with SASC.

What goals does Spaulding hope to achieve for NCHPAD/MENTOR participants?

The biggest goal is expanding knowledge of community resources and empowering clients to take the tools learned in MENTOR to make healthy gains in their lives.

How is Spaulding staying on the cutting edge in this field?

We value research, training and quality care with all of our programs. We are pushing the limits of access and creating more adaptive programs as we see the need for our community.

What can participants expect to take away from in-person or virtual activities at Spaulding?

We value each person who comes to our programs and hope they leave our programs with a sense of enjoyment, accomplishment, community and a smile.

How has your partnership with NCHPAD benefited Spaulding?

  • NCHPAD Connect and MENTOR fall into Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers Pillars: Education, Advocacy, Outreach and Research.
  • The partnership connects us to a national network of like-minded organizations and rehabilitation hospitals.
  • Provides amazing lifelong resources and opportunities for individuals who have gone through our programs.

How can people find Spaulding and learn more about your services?

NCHPAD Connect What is an EIS graphic with blue border

Did you know that NCHPAD offers personalized resources for people with physical disabilities and mobility limitations? Our expert inclusion specialists, or EIS, provide access to free, personalized resources and programs to anyone who needs them – anywhere in the country.

But what exactly is an EIS – and how do you connect with them? Here’s what you should know.

What is an Expert Inclusion Specialist?

A NCHPAD EIS guides people with mobility disabilities and chronic health conditions to a wide range of resources. Our team also provides professional training and resources to coaches, educators, caretakers and healthcare providers.

“We provide people with tailored, disability-specific resources,” said Cara Riggins, EIS with NCHPAD since 2019. “This includes programs or helpful everyday resources in many areas.”

“We are representatives of NCHPAD who find and create resources to share with people with disabilities,” said Bob Lujano, a NCHPAD EIS who’s been with the team since 2012. “The resources are on a wide range of topics like accessible places, organizations, parks and programs. We cover many, many areas!”

How to reach an EIS

EIS expertise is always free and available 7 AM-7 PM Monday-Friday.

The primary way to contact an EIS is through the NCHPAD Call Center. Our Call Center team works with individuals to get them enrolled in NCHPAD Connect, answer questions related to programs or connect them to an EIS for community resources and technical assistance.

To reach the NCHPAD Call Center, call 866-866-8896 or email

Professional training

NCHPAD EIS also have experience in professional training. Since 2016, our EIS have served as implementation coordinators in training a wide range of individuals, from state public health departments to service providers and program developers.

This training covers health-promotion topics and practices through in-person and virtual sessions. The center has trained tens of thousands of health and wellness professionals in such topics as:

  • Disability awareness and inclusion
  • Inclusive worksite wellness
  • Inclusive and healthy communities
  • Supplemental nutrition assistance program and inclusion
  • Rx for exercise and healthcare providers
  • Inclusive diabetes prevention programs
  • Active and inclusive school programs

“Another part of our job is to create resources and disseminate them to educators, healthcare providers, consumers, and fitness professionals to fill the need where people with disabilities can specifically go for resources,” Bob said. “We’re always happy to chat with program participants or individuals looking for personalized resources as well as educators or community leaders looking for specific expertise.”