Mental Health Awareness Month. Be Kind to Your Mind. An illustration of a jumbled line at the top of the graphic to symbolize a busy mind.

The #BeKindToYourMind Toolkit

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’re launching #BeKindToYourMind to promote mental well-being and self-care and raise awareness about the importance of mental health.

In this toolkit, you will find social media content that is ready to post and the best ways to share it! These posts are all about how to improve your mental well-being in your day-to-day life through exercises to try on your own or with others, helpful tips for boosting your mood and providing beneficial links to resources.

Sharing Our Message with Everyone: Accessibility Best Practices

We want to ensure everyone can easily participate in the movement to #BeKindToYourMind! Here are some inclusive tips to use when promoting content!

  • Image Descriptions: Provide clear and concise alt text for all images, briefly describing the content and its relevance to the post.
  • Use Captions: Include captions for videos and live streams and consider providing downloadable transcripts for extended video content.
  • Clear Communication: Communicate in simple terms, avoiding technical language and jargon. Keep your sentences brief and straightforward for easy understanding.
  • Hashtags: Using camel case will help make hashtags more readable (e.g., #CommitToInclusion). This helps screen readers announce them clearly. Our Mental Health Awareness Month hashtag is #BeKindToYourMind.
  • Limit Emojis: Emojis, while enjoyable, should be used in moderation and placed at the end of sentences. Refrain from depending on them to convey your message.
  • Color Contrast: Color contrast between text and background on images helps with readability.

Social Media Post Examples

#BeKindToYourMind for Mental Health Awareness Month! We are proud to partner with @NCHPAD to spread the word about self-care and boosting mental well-being! Check out their latest article on 10 things you can do every day to improve your mental well-being!

Our friends at @NCHPAD are launching the #BeKindToYourMind initiative to support positive mental health practices during Mental Health Awareness Month! Learn more about the health benefits of mindfulness and meditation in this blog!

Mental health matters! We’ve partnered with @NCHPAD to let everyone know to #BeKindToYourMind! Find out more about the MENTOR program and the benefits of mindfulness in their video! 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Join us in supporting #BeKindToYourMind with our friends at @NCHPAD. Check out their website for self-care tips to prioritize your mental well-being!

People with disabilities face greater mental distress risks. This Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re teaming up with @NCHPAD to promote #BeKindToYourMind for improved mental well-being. Check out their site for more info! 

Promoting Inclusion in healthcare practices

Mental health is for everyone! May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and our partners at @NCHPAD offer guidelines for inclusive and accessible mental healthcare for individuals with disabilities. Check out the article to learn more! 

Downloadable Graphics to Share

Reminder, please us alt-text when you share them!

Mental Health Awareness Month – Main Image (Square)
Mental Health Awareness Month – Main Image (Horizontal)
It’s okay to prioritize your mental well-being
Self-care isn’t selfish
Mental health is just as important as physical health
Mindfulness Benefits
Mental Health for Individuals with Disabilities
10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Mental Well-Being