Strengthen your mental health and well-being.

Our 6-week program focuses on fundamental strategies to nurture your mental health and mental well-being for individuals with an existing disability or a recent diagnosis. Access the GROWTH program and more by joining NCHPAD Connect!

Interactive and Engaging

Participate in an online, interactive, group-based program that encourages active engagement, discussions and learning in a supportive setting.

Safe and Inclusive Environment

Experience a safe and inclusive virtual space where you can freely express yourself, share experiences and connect with others who understand and empathize with you.

Long-lasting Tools and Strategies

Learn new tools, coping mechanisms and lifelong strategies that can be applied not only during the program but also throughout your life to enhance mental well-being.

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What is GROWTH?

GROWTH: Growing Resilience Out of Wellness and Thoughtful Habits is a 6-week mental wellness promotion program available only through NCHPAD Connect. The goal of this program is to equip individuals with invaluable knowledge and heightened awareness about mental health and well-being. By delving into key topics, we aim to provide participants with disabilities with the tools they need to navigate mental health challenges effectively.

Program Highlights

  • Mental Health and Awareness: Understand mental health, distress signs and effective responses.
  • Build Connections: Establish meaningful connections within oneself, with others, and with supportive coping strategies and resources.
  • Holistic Self-Care Practices: Learn mindfulness, meditation, gratitude and various self-care techniques.
  • Navigating Emotions and Perspectives: Explore creative strategies and tools for managing thoughts and emotions.
  • Understanding Ableism and Advocacy: Gain insights into ableism’s impact on mental well-being and how advocacy and connection can offer support.

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